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Rosegarden Funeral Party 


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We are Rosegarden Funeral Party


Based out of Dallas, Tx, Rosegarden Funeral Party is composed of Leah Lane, Mikka Vanya Brightheart, Wil Farrier, and Tate Christopher.  Inspired by everything from the underground garage's of the 1960's, to the Dark Wave, New Wave, Goth, and New Romantic movement's of the 1980's, to the shoegazers of the 1990's, Rosegarden Funeral Party is a band that is as tastefully derivative, yet unique as it's band name. 

Vocals / Leah Lane
Keyboard, Sampling / Mikka Vanya Brightheart
Bass / Wil Farrier
Drums / Tate Christopher


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Horror Music

by Rosegarden Funeral Party